Control Christmas Tree Clutter with an Under-Tree Storage Box

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Christmas is an occasion of cheer... and clutter! As you pull out holiday arrangements, you will discover Christmas clutter lining each package and storage container.

An ornament container spots over with hanging hooks and zip ties. The small red-tipped light bulbs you have to make light strands flash. Exclusive instruments and construction sheets for your "never green" tree. The dandy rifle-designed light tester, complete with replacement lamps and guidelines. Left to their own products, they scatter the house around, never to be identified when you need them--but appearing to haunt you directly into the year.

Just how to bring order to Christmas litter? A under-tree storage container.

It is as easy like a particular wrapped pack placed directly under the Christmas tree to keep Christmas clutter in-line. While shut, it looks like merely another reward. Inside, it supports everything deck the halls you need to lean the tree and maintain the lights.

To make your under-pine storage box, pick a tough, smallish lidded box. Your 8- inch square box is right-sized for this specific purpose.

When wrapping the under-pine storage container, take heavy, durable gift wrap. Excellent-quality foil place, like these lovely styles from Martha Stewart's Office At Home Holiday Collection by Avery, will resist years useful.

(Openness note: the folks from Staples were pleased enough to send these examples to evaluate to me. You will find them just at Staples... but hurry, before they're gone!)

Select a design and shade that have some feet, too. This seasons stylish green-and-pink owl design can look dated in a few years, therefore stick with a vintage color and routine.

Cover the container and container cover independently, and decorate with bow to resemble a wrapped present.

Saved under the pine, it's going to keep Christmas litter under control and close at hand all season long. Better, you'll know next year where to find the ornament hooks!

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