Christmas in July 2016: Brian Arnold

Christmas in July 2016: Brian Arnold of Me and You and a Blog Named Boo

1) What Christmas episode/special/or movie always puts you in the holiday spirit?

A Charlie Brown Christmas. Accept no substitutes.

2) What Christmas program or scene brings you to tears?

A short animation available on YouTube called Gift of Ages. I cried the first time I saw it! It's available here:

"Lights, please!"
3) What's your favorite quote of dialogue, song lyric, or sentiment from a Christmas program?

Linus reciting the Gospel of Luke in A Charlie Brown Christmas. Quite possibly the first "drop the mic" moment in a Christmas program.

4) Is there a Christmas program that unintentionally frightens you--or turns you off?

Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer. Funny song, terrible cartoon!

5) Name one character from Christmas entertainment with whom you closely identify? and explain why.

Charlie Brown (notice a pattern?). Don't we all feel a bit blue at the holidays sometimes, like there's something missing? Then I watch this special and that missing piece is found.

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