Christmas in July 2016: Drew Flowers

Christmas in July 2016: Drew Flowers of Christmas Movies & Music

1) What Christmas episode/special/or movie always puts you in the holiday spirit?

This is a tough one, there are so many that give me that Christmas feeling but I think I will have to go with Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Once I see Sam the Snowman come out to tell me the story of Rudolph I get that Christmas feeling that I had when I was a five year old kid!

2) What Christmas program or scene brings you to tears?

There are a lot of choices here...even though I have chosen a common scene for this question.  I am going with the final scene of It's a Wonderful Life when George wants to live again and he is running through Bedford Falls with such happiness knowing all he did for people. I always tear up at that scene!

from the 1960 episode "Night of the Meek" on The Twilight Zone.

3) What's your favorite quote of dialogue, song lyric, or sentiment from a Christmas program?

I am using a quote from The Twilight Zone episode "Night of the Meek" with Art Carney.

"Someone should remind her that Christmas is more than barging up and down department store aisles and pushing people out of the way. Someone has to tell her that Christmas is another thing, finer than that richer, finer, truer and it should come with patience and love, charity, compassion. That's what i would have told her if you'd given me the chance."

That whole episode is a piece of Christmas history!

4) Is there a Christmas program that unintentionally frightens you--or turns you off?

The Rankin/Bass special Twas the Night Before Christmas. I always found the Santa Claus to be very odd looking...and the reindeer too. I actually don't watch that one on a yearly basis because the Santa still gives me the creeps LOL

5) Name one character from Christmas entertainment with whom you closely identify.

I am going with Clark Griswald from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I always want this year's Christmas to be the best ever and have the most lights and do the most fun holiday stuff and try to make the holidays as memorable as possible for my kids....and it always doesn't turn out right LOL.

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