Game Part 4: Christmas Screen Shots

How well do you know Christmas entertainment? Let's play a game! Jeff from Name That Christmas Special website generously shared with me a group of Christmas screen shots taken from episodes, specials and movies. Can you identify what program each screen shot is taken from? Parts 1, 2, and 3 went well so I thought I'd create a fourth installment.

Same rules as before. Play along by leaving your answer in the comments below. PLEASE identify only one screen shot--let's give everyone a chance to play along. Some are easy, some are harder. Bonus points: if you can identify which specific episode of the TV series some of these are pulled from or the original date of the movie or special. There are no prizes--only bragging rights. Here goes:

#37--Home Improvement (DW Washburn)

#38--movie The Homecoming: A Christmas Story (Patrick)


#40--movie White Christmas (maryam sarshar)

#41--The Frank Sinatra Show (Jonathan NC)


#43--Fresh Prince of Bel Air (Donna Bock)

#44--The Littlest Angel (Kevin Bowman)

#45--Perfect Strangers (Ella Irene)

#46--Gilligan's Island (Caffeinated Joe)

#47--movie Bell, Book and Candle (RigbyMel)

#48--Dragnet (phairhead)

Here's Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 if you'd like to see those again. Have fun! 

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